The name Applied TEchnologies, Inc., appears in front of a blue arc representing wind.Anemoment’s TriSonica wind sensors find their beginning in Stephen Osborn’s training and experience in ultrasonic anemometry at Applied Technologies, Inc. of Longmont, Colorado.

Applied Technologies, (AppTech or ATI) has designed, developed, and manufactured high quality environmental monitoring equipment for more than 40 years. Herb Zimmerman, owner and principal engineer at ATI,  was an original member of the design team at Ball Brothers Research Corporation (now Ball Aerospace) in Boulder that perfected the 25 cm gap three-axis ultrasonic wind sensor in 1976. When Ball opted to take their research in a different direction in 1978, Herb and his partner Bud Dagle spun off ATI with Ball’s blessing.

ATI’s 2- and 3-axis ultrasonic anemometers are precision instruments, ideal for performing flux measurements. These wind sensors are predominantly used by organizations focusing on meteorological or atmospheric research, such as government agencies and universities interested in the finely detailed characteristics of air flow.

Stephen Osborn has worked with Applied Technologies in design and support for Ultrasonic Wind Sensors for nearly 25 years.

Applied Technologies brought Stephen Osborn on board as a design engineer in 1993. While with ATI, he developed an intimate knowledge of ATI’s ultrasonic anemometry systems. Stephen was involved in “everything from analog to digital circuits, embedded to system designs, software to hardware, computers to networks, and sensor [components] to complete instruments” (Herb Zimmerman, 12 Feb 2009), culminating in the hardware and software designs on which in the product lines offered by ATI still rely.  After moving on to other challenges, Stephen continued as a consultant engineer to ATI.

A Smaller, Lighter 3-Dimensional Wind Sensor

Stephen’s experience with ATI’s high-end sensors brought to his attention the market interest in an ultrasonic wind sensor offering three-dimensional wind measurement ability and high speed accurate data acquisition, but in a smaller size and lower price. With ATI’s blessing, Stephen and his family began independent design research for a new ultrasonic wind sensor in 2006, from which came the TriSonica wind sensor line.

We are delighted to have ATI as the first authorized distributor of TriSonica wind sensor line.  Thank you, Applied Technologies!

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