Early Prototype TriSonica Wind Sensor UltrasonicThe SyncWerx incubator of Westminster-based Syncroness, Inc. fostered key product development and market identification for the TriSonica line of wind sensors.

In previous editions of Thankful Thursday, we looked back at the TriSonica’s roots in 3D Ultrasonic Anemometry pioneered by Applied Technologies, and in dining table discussions at family-owned Zrak Systems, LLC.

Syncroness Inc., of Westminster Colorado, is an award winning world-renowned provider of custom engineering services. Founded by Mike Walraven and Mark Henault, Syncroness’ teams provide “inspired solutions to highly complex business and technical problems” for clients of all sizes. In 2011, Stephen became a key member of Syncroness’ embedded systems design team.

During the mid 20-teens, Syncroness’ SyncWerx incubator offered marketing, engineering, and business development mentoring to Syncroness employees with creative original ideas.

Stephen brought in the “Kermit” model for SyncWerx review. After several rounds of presenting, we were all delighted to have our wind sensor accepted into the program.

Through SyncWerx mentoring, we were able to identify a new market for an ultralightweight wind sensor with patent-pending features, developed with assistance from SyncWerx mechanical engineers. The SyncWerx program also connected us with investor support, resulting the formation of Anemoment LLC in early 2017. With that, the TriSonica line of wind sensor products was born.

We are profoundly grateful for all who have helped us along the way.

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