Liz Osborn – CEO

Can we say we’ve met if you’ve been reading these posts?  Yes? Great!

I’m Liz, chief executive officer of Anemoment, and it has been around my dining table that the ideas behind the TriSonica were developed.

I believe in “Do your Best!”

After becoming my high school’s valedictorian and receiving a National Merit Scholarship, I earned a bachelor’s of science degree, cum laude, in Sociology from Brigham Young University, but don’t let that fool you into thinking I’m not a techy type, because I totally am, all the way back to the days when our Commodore 64 and then the Amiga were the tools we relied on!  (Or maybe all the way back to when I adored Star Trek TOS as a toddler?)

While Stephen was developing the TriSonica technology, I attended Colorado Law on the Bernard J. Seeman Scholarship. There I studied Family Businesses under Scott Peppet, and aced Venture Capital taught by Jason Mendelson of the Foundry Group. On my way to the J.D., I was elected to the editorial board of the University of Colorado Law Review, served as research assistant to Clare Huntington, was honored with the Clinical Education award for service in the Civil Practice clinic assisting children with disabilities, and was the first to obtain Colorado Law’s Juvenile and Family Law certificate. After law school, I clerked two years for the Honorable M. Gwyneth Whalen of the Colorado 20th Judicial District, then operated a solo disability law practice here in Longmont the next seven years.

Now my curiosity, creativity, and enthusiasm are directed toward building Anemoment and our goal of providing tiny, light, and reliable wind and weather sensors with multi-dimensional functionality to folks who care about what’s happening in their environment.

Please stop by and introduce yourself! You can find Liz Osborn at Booth 102. See you soon!