Stephen Osborn – Chief Technical Officer

In previous installments, you read about how the TriSonica line of tiny three-dimensional anemometers was developed. Let me introduce you to Stephen Osborn, the guy whose vision made the TriSonica possible.

Stephen’s love of all things electronic traces back to his earliest childhood, toddling after his grandpa in his garage TV repair shop in Western Nebraska. Here among the wires, coils, and old-fashioned vacuum tubes he learned to tinker, to troubleshoot, and to problem-solve in creative ways.

He took this passion with him into the U.S. Navy when he enlisted out of high school to become a missile technician in the submarine corps. An early adopter of what was then cutting-edge personal computing technology, he was awarded a commendation by the U.S. Navy for developing a decryption system using his Commodore 64 computer.

After serving six years in the Navy, a friend and mentor persuaded him that he should consider college. He was accepted into Brigham Young University, where he received a bachelors of science degree in electrical and computer engineering.

After graduation he moved on to Rocketdyne, a division of Rockwell International, to help develop the electrical power system for the International Space Station. His collaborative effort in developing a current monitoring system operating on low power for the ISS was recognized in three NASA Tech Briefs.

Stephen moved his young family to Colorado in order to be near Grandpa in his sunset years, and this choice is what led to his work with ATI, his abiding interest in sonic anemometry, and the fruitful collaboration with Syncroness.  Along the way, he earned an MBA in Technology Management, and served the community for many years as a soccer coach, Cubmaster, and Scoutmaster.

Stephen is excited to bring the TriSonica Mini to the AMS show. We invite you to stop by and say hello at Booth 102!

Anemoment will be at AMS Austin 2018 Booth 102