Anemoment LLC, a specialized meteorological instrument design firm located in Longmont, CO, announced today the addition of Sparv Embedded AB to its International Authorized Distribution Program. With their emphasis on improving in-situ sensing in the lower atmosphere, Sparv Embedded has established themselves as a leader in off-the-shelf integration of atmospheric research sensors for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). This agreement expands Anemoment’s European footprint opening new opportunities for Sparv Embedded to further enhance their position in the embedded sensor market.

“The TriSonica Mini is the lightest 3D wind sensor available,” states Anders Petersson, President, Sparv Embedded AB. “This positions the TriSonica Mini to address the blind spot of wind sensing capabilities of small UAVs. We are excited to incorporate the TriSonica Mini into our Sparvio sensing platform.” (Click here to read more.)