Firmware Release 1.74 (June 2019) is now available. It is recommended that all TriSonica Mini users update the firmware on their devices to Firmware Release 1.74. Firmware Release 1.74 enhances the 3-dimensional shadow correction capabilities of the TriSonica Mini, improving both horizontal and vertical wind velocity measurements. There are two files required to update your firmware: the GUI interface (to simplify the process), and the Firmware update itself. First, click here to download the GUI file. Then, click here to download the Firmware Release itself. To complete the update process, simply follow the following instructions:

1) Connect to your TriSonica Mini on the Settings page. 2) Click the browse button and find files on your computer. 3) Click the Update Button and the update begins. 4) Wait for the update to complete.

NOTE: Devices with Firmware Release 1.5.2 need to contact Anemoment directly in order to arrange for their device to be brought current with Firmware Release 1.74. The update process described above will not update these units.