As seen on Commercial UAV News (April 21, 2020)
Written by: Danielle Gagne

Commercial UAV News has discussed the many applications for many different sensors ranging from multispectral and thermal imaging to lidar and photogrammetric cameras. But one thing that impacts every drone pilot working in real-world conditions is wind and weather. Most pilots rely on local weather forecasts to determine whether or not it is safe to fly, and there are a number of applications out there that can give up to date information about flying conditions.

However, with these types of options, it is still difficult to obtain accurate and real-time weather notifications for hazardous, localized weather conditions like strong gusts of wind. Pilots often have to trust their instincts about whether or not the conditions are safe for flight. This is one of the many reasons why Anemoment developed the TriSonica Mini wind and weather sensor. (Read the article here.)