We are proud to be working with ABB as they announce their latest addition to their ABB Ability Mobile Gas Leak Detection System, HoverGuard (the world’s fastest, most sensitive drone-based gas leak detection system).

  • Combining patented LGR-ICOS™ laser technology, wind velocity (TriSonica Mini sonic anemometer) and GNNS sensors, and advanced data analytics, the HoverGuard™ solution allows customers to detect leaks far from hard-to-reach sources in minutes.
  • Enables detection and mapping of natural gas leaks while flying with unprecedented speed, accuracy and reliability.
  • Can detect, precisely locate, and estimate the size of natural gas leaks at a rate that covers 10-15 times more land area per minute than traditional methods saving considerable time and allowing users to survey locations inaccessible by road or walking.

More information can be found at: https://new.abb.com/products/measurement-products/analytical/laser-gas-analyzers/advanced-leak-detection/abb-ability-uav-based-gas-leak-detection-solution