Anemoment LLC announced today the release of its newest 3D sonic anemometer, the TriSonica™ Sphere Wind Flux Sensor. Engineered to deliver more precise vertical wind measurements, coupled with faster sampling rates (up to 100 Hz), the TriSonica Sphere is ideal for UAS-based atmospheric flux and turbulence research, including eddy covariance studies.

“The TriSonica Sphere’s unique spherical implementation (patent pending) dramatically reduces the effects of wind shadowing and increases the accuracy of vertical wind measurements,” emphasizes Stephen Osborn, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Anemoment, LLC. “Our customers have been asking for a 3D sonic anemometer that can accurately measure atmospheric turbulence and flux measurements. The TriSonica Sphere not only delivers on those requirements but does so with a size and weight optimized for UAS deployments.”

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