Meteorological Payload Features the TriSonica Sphere and Attaches to Variety of UAS Platforms

Figure 1: WP-V3 featuring the TriSonica Sphere Wind Flux Sensor

BlueHalo unveiled at AUVSI their state-of-the-art Atmospheric Characterization Payload (WP-V3 ACP) unmanned aerial system (UAS) sensor suite (Figure 1).  The WP‑V3 ACP is a complete, customizable meteorological sensor suite for making low-Earth atmospheric measurements from a wide array of UAS platforms.  This instrumentation is used to make multiple calculations of optical turbulence, an important metric for understanding high-energy laser propagation through the atmosphere, and for other applications such as forecasting and monitoring wildfires.

The WP-V3 ACP features the TriSonica Sphere Wind Flux Sensor, developed by Anemoment, LLC.  The TriSonica Sphere Wind Flux Sensor is Anemoment’s newest 3-D sonic anemometer.  Engineered to deliver more precise vertical wind measurements, coupled with faster sampling rates (up to 50 Hz), the TriSonica Sphere is ideal for UAS-based atmospheric flux and turbulence research, including eddy covariance studies.

“BlueHalo is excited to introduce our latest payload, WP-V3 ACP, and bring this cutting-edge technology in meteorological sensing and low-Earth atmospheric measurement to market,” said James Batt, BlueHalo Chief Growth Officer.

“One of the biggest challenges that researchers have is how to effectively attach their sensor suites to UAS platforms,” states Stephen Osborn, Anemoment Chief Technology Officer.  “BlueHalo’s Atmospheric Characterization Payload takes the guesswork out of deploying meteorological sensors on UAS/unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).  Its payload comes configured with essential components, yet can be customized for almost any type of atmospheric research.  This is a game-changer.”

“BlueHalo’s WP-V3 ACP provides everything from optical turbulence measurement and urban terrain profiling to wildfire monitoring and forecasting in a dependable and field-proven UAS,” said Jimmy Jenkins, BlueHalo President and General Manager for Air and Missile Defense and Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR).  “We look forward to seeing all the groundbreaking ways this unit will perform as we roll it out to our customers.”