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Anemoment is a leader in the design and manufacturing of mobile sensing systems used in exacting meteorological applications around the globe.

Their sonic sensors are both lightweight and powerful allowing researchers to capture essential data with precision and placement previously unobtainable. No longer do they need to invest and rely on physical structures or expensive transport vehicles. Now they can use any vehicle, including uncrewed aerial systems (UAS or drones), to carry their payloads precisely where they are wanting to gather data.


Anemoment brings you the world’s smallest and lightest 3-dimensional ultrasonic anemometer, the TriSonica Mini Wind and Weather Sensor, and the TriSonica Sphere Wind Flux Sensor, the industry’s smallest and lightest 3D sensor engineered from inception to deliver more precise vertical wind measurements.

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the TriSonica Mini is a highly accurate, powerful tool for anyone involved in atmospheric monitoring, weather reporting, and ecosystem research. Its size makes it well suited for portable, temporary deployments, while the fact it has no moving parts, thus eliminating maintenance issues, makes the TriSonica Mini perfect for permanent installations.

With its patented wave signal noise reduction technology (U.S. Patent No.: 10,551,406), the TriSonica Mini Wind and Weather Sensor truly gives users the power to “Know the Wind.”

The TriSonica Sphere’s unique patented spherical implementation (U.S. Patent No.: 11,268,974) dramatically reduces the effects of wind shadowing and increases the accuracy of vertical wind measurements. Its fast sampling rates (up to 100 Hz) make the TriSonica Sphere ideal for UAS-based atmospheric flux and turbulence research, including eddy covariance studies.

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