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“Honestly, among all of the sensors that we used, the TriSonica Mini was the easiest to integrate, even though it was the most sophisticated, as far as functionality.”
William Villers

VP Engineering, TEN TECH LLC

Size, Weight, and Power Optimized

The TriSonica Mini and the TriSonica Sphere are both SWaP-optimized making these sensors ideal for UAS-based atmospheric research studies.


The TriSonica Mini can fit in your hand, measuring only 9.1cm x 9.1cm x 5.2cm. The TriSonica Sphere measures 10.2cm x 10.2cm x 24.9cm


The TriSonica Mini is very light, weighing just 50 grams; about the weight of a golf ball. At 225 grams, the TriSonica Sphere is the lightest flux sensor.


The TriSonica Mini is highly energy efficient, drawing only 5-36 VDC @ 350 mW power. The TriSonica Sphere operates at 5-36 V @ 500 mW.

No Moving Parts

This enables any of our 3D Sonics to be stationed on fixed or portable towers for worry-free, real-time air flow measurements.
The TriSonica™ Mini Wind & Weather Sensor is a compact (measurement path of just 35 mm), lightweight (less than 50 grams), low velocity anemometer. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet it is a powerful and highly accurate tool engineered for atmospheric monitoring, weather reporting, and ecosystem research. Its size and featherweight profile make it perfect for unmanned aerial systems (UAS), while the fact that it has no moving parts, thus eliminating maintenance issues, enables it to be stationed on fixed or portable towers for real-time 3-dimensional air flow measurements. Even with its small size it provides wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, pressure, tilt, and compass data. The TriSonica™ Mini Wind & Weather Sensor can also provide measurements of all three dimensions of air flow. The open path provides the least possible distortion of the wind field. Four measurement paths provide a redundant measurement. The path with the most distortion is removed from the calculations to provide accurate wind measurements. Further, data output can be customized to user requirements. Available with a pipe-mount base accommodating any 1/2” DN15 Schedule 10 pipe. To further protect components and streamline your installation, wiring runs through the interior of the pipe when using this configuration.  
The TriSonica™ Sphere Wind Flux Sensor is the 3D Sonic ideal for UAS-based atmospheric flux studies. With its more precise vertical wind measurements and its faster sampling rates (up to 50 Hz), the TriSonica Sphere was engineered specifically for atmospheric flux and turbulence research, including Eddy Covariance studies. The TriSonica Sphere’s unique spherical design (patent-pending) dramatically reduces shadow correction while increasing the accuracy of vertical wind measurements. Its all aluminum construction enhances the devices’ durability while maintaining its SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) advantage over competitive sensors. This makes the TriSonica Sphere ideal for UAS/UAV deployments. The TriSonica Spheres’ design and open path geometry enables it to effectively and accurately capture measurements of all three dimensions (U, V and W) of air flow with the least possible distortion of the wind field, especially vertical turbulences. The TriSonica Mini and TriSonica Sphere were specifically engineered for use on BlueHalo’s Atmospheric Characterization Weather Payload (WP-V3 ACP), providing a complete, customizable meteorological sensor suite that can easily be mounted on a variety of UAS platforms.
“There were a lot of ways, and a lot of things that could go wrong…in a very complex, multi-vehicle type operation with many concerns, this sensor was not one of them.”
Dr. Kevin Adkins

Associate Professor, College of Aviation, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

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