Anemoment Data Logger Circuit Board-Only (DL422-B)

With its 4 serial instrument ports, 2 analog inputs, and 2 digital inputs, the Anemoment Data Logger 422-B (DL422-B) provides a fully integrated and seamless data solution for all of Anemoment’s family of TriSonica 3D sensors. The DL422-B is the circuit board-only option for the Anemoment Data Logger and comes complete with one 12-socket serial input cable and one 6-socket serial input cable. The 12-socket cable connects the DL422-B to an appropriately rated serial instrument while the 6-socket cable connects the DL422-B to an appropriately rated off-the-shelf serial instrument, such as a GPS receiver or properly licensed and certified radio transceiver. If you are interested in the Data Logger 422 in a weather-tight enclosure, refer to the DL422-E1 (single sensor support) or DL422-E2 (dual sensor support).

The DL422-B weighs only 30.5 grams making it ideal for UAS applications.