DL422-E2 (Data Logger for Two Devices in Weather-Tight Enclosure)

The DL422-E2 supports two TriSonica sensor connections in a weather-tight (IP67 rated) enclosure.

With its 4 serial instrument ports, 2 analog inputs, and 2 digital inputs, the Anemoment Data Logger 422 (DL422) provides a fully integrated and seamless solution for Anemoment’s family of TriSonica™ 3D sensors. Ensures ease of integration via standardized connectors for 3rd party radio, GPS, and batteries (UN38.3 certified). The DL422 operating voltage range operates from a simple AC power adapter, a UAS/UAV battery, or a solar/wind charged battery system. Data is stored locally on a MicroSD card, or can be transmitted over a serial data link.