LI-550P TriSonica Mini Wind & Weather Sensor with Pipe-Mount Base

The same features and functionality you have come to expect in the TriSonica Mini Wind & Weather Sensor, but now with the convenience of a pipe-mount base. The pipe-mount base will accommodate any 1/2″ DN15 Schedule 10 pipe. Wiring runs on the interior of the pipe further protecting components and streamlining your installation. The pipe-mount version of our device uses a 12-Pin circular connector, brings out the RS-422 signals, plus the trigger signal to synchronize multiple instruments.

Durability and ruggedness a result of it glass-filled nylon constructed body (found throughout the automotive industry) and its carbon fiber corner rods. The TriSonica Mini Wind & Weather Sensor is lightweight, rugged, and highly accurate, making it the perfect choice for fixed installations or UAS/drone deployments.