Use Cases

Learn how others are using the TriSonica™ Mini Wind and Weather Sensor

How is the TriSonica™ Mini being used?

We engineered the TriSonica Mini to sense wind movements in three dimensions (Tri) using ultrasonic acoustic wave pulses (Sonica); thus its name, TriSonica. People immediately perceived the advantages this new product represented over bulky and cumbersome cup-and-vane anemometers. Its size, weight, power requirements, and lack of moving parts made it ideal for a variety of applications.

Aerial Applications

See how research agricultural engineer Brad Fritz uses the TriSonica™ Mini out in the field (no pun intended).

Atmospheric Profiling

Find out how Alex Clark of Engenius Micro employs the TriSonica™ Mini to determine optical turbulence and boundary layers.

Boundary Layer Studies

A solar eclipse provides a unique opportunity to observe atmospheric turbulence to an approximate step change in solar radiation.

Crane Safety

Know the wind: a simple but profound statement for crane operators. Wind is the No. 2 cause for crane accidents worldwide.

Disassembly Research

When you force batteries to fail, they can release energy very rapidly. Read how the TriSonica Mini measures the movement of air that it causes.

Methane Monitoring

Learn how Linköping University developed a high precision CH4 (methane) sensor for UAS applications.

Naval Wind Studies

The US Naval Academy tests Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), known as octocopters, equipped with the TriSonica™ Mini.

Wind Turbine Monitoring

Discover how FlexSCADA integrated the TriSonica™ Mini with their own technology to monitor off-grid wind and weather data.

Remote Monitoring

The Anemoment Wireless Mesh Network is built for extreme conditions making it suitable for a variety of remote use cases.

Sports Ball Trajectory

Using real-time weather data to determine the effects of weather on a ball during its entire trajectory.

Tunnel Detection

See how some are using the TriSonica™ Mini for monitoring activity in subterranean assets, such as tunnels or bunkers.

Weather Monitoring Systems

The TriSonica Mini is ideal for weather monitoring applications including micrometeorology and atmospheric profiling.

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