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An Anemoment Use Case

Using an anemometer to measure the movement of air is nothing new, yet researchers at Sion Power Corporation take these applications to new limits.

Glenn Hamblin, Senior Engineer for Battery Products, explains, “When you force batteries to fail, they can release energy very rapidly, and we want to measure the results and speed of the energy release by measuring the movement of air that it causes.”

While not your typical application for an anemometer, Hamblin and his associates had very specific requirements in mind when they sought out sensors for their experiments. “Our objective with any of our testing is to ensure our products are as safe as possible,” Hamblin said. “This was an initial test on a battery that is newly developed, and we wanted to get all kinds of information on it—as much as we possibly could. To accomplish this, we needed accurate wind data, and we wanted it available at a relatively fast sample rate.”

The ability to capture wind speed and direction in three-dimensions was a key factor in Sion Power Corporation selecting the TriSonica™ Mini Wind & Weather Sensor. With its advanced patent-pending approach of sensing wind movements in three-dimensions using ultrasonic acoustic wave pulses, the TriSonica Mini not only delivered the accuracy and responsiveness that Hamblin required, but it also provided him with three-dimensional wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, air pressure, and humidity. In essence, the TriSonica Mini allowed Hamblin to know exactly how the wind responded to his experiment, in great detail.

“We wanted to capture wind directions and speed, also at a high sample rate. The fact that the TriSonica Mini could measure the velocity and direction of the air in three-dimensions allowed us to get a more complete picture of the air movement in our test.”

So how did the TriSonica Mini Wind & Weather Sensor and the Anemoment Data Logger perform in these extreme conditions? “Very admirable,” Hamblin responded. “We thought that we had damaged one of the TriSonica Minis due its proximity to the energy release, but it was unscathed. We are pleased with the unit’s robustness.” 

As Hamblin reflected back on this initiative, he reiterated, “We wanted accurate data, and we wanted it available at a relatively fast sample rate. The TriSonica Mini delivered on all of our expectations.”

Now you know why we say that the TriSonica Mini Wind & Weather Sensor gives our users the ability to “Know the Wind.”

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