Sonic Flow Probes

An Anemoment Use Case

Streamwise GmbH’s ProCap 3D ultrasonic flow probe lets users scan and paint low velocity flow fields in real-time.

Understanding low velocity air flow is essential in indoor ventilation and air-conditioning applications. Probe Capture (ProCap) Ultrasonic 3D, from Streamwise GmbH, is a unique tool for flow visualization and measurement of low-speed applications (capable of detecting flows below 1 m/s).

ProCap with a 3D ultrasonic flow probe has a huge potential to understand and optimize low-speed flows as encountered in clean-rooms, fume hoods or room ventilation. As no tracer particles are needed and with its quick and flexible setup the measurement can take place anywhere, even in the presence of humans. The capability of the probe to not only measure velocity but also temperature and humidity increases the capabilities further.

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