Wind Turbine Monitoring

An Anemoment Use Case

Proper placement of wind turbines and telecom towers require an understanding of the winds in the area under consideration. Monitoring and evaluating prevailing wind and weather conditions are essential elements in assessing the viability of such deployments. The TriSonica Mini 3D anemometer is engineered to monitor wind speed and weather conditions impacting wind turbines.

The TriSonica Mini Wind & Weather Sensor (FlexSCADA edition) is a drop-in solution incorporating flexible and efficient ways to log wind data from the device, to interact with it, and to troubleshoot it—over a modern and efficient internet connection from either Ethernet or Narrowband LTE. Users will now have the ability to remotely monitor and evaluate winds for future installations of telecom towers and wind turbines without the cost of a large microwave backbone—doing all this with extremely low power consumption (typically as low as 0.4 watts).

The TriSonica Mini Wind & Weather Sensor (FlexSCADA edition) supports a variety of industry-standard protocols including SNMP, HTTP and Modbus with full IPV4 and IPV6 support. It is a full-featured Users can now log into their TriSonica Mini from their smartphone, their tablet, or their computer and see real-time data from their device resulting in easier deployments, integration and connectivity for wind turbine operators and integrators around the globe.

“For our clients in the remote repeater market, including those monitoring telecom towers and wind turbines, reliability and power consumption are key,” states Jon Mundall, Managing Director, Engineering Services, FlexSCADA. “We have brought th the TriSonica Mini a new level of accessibility and transparency our customers and clients can leverage in monitoring and evaluating wind and weather.”

In addition to providing complete wind statistics (wind speed, direction, temperature, moisture borne in the wind, dew point, and air density), the TriSonica Mini Wind & Weather Sensor (FlexSCADA edition) combined with the FlexSCADA Q5 allows users autonomous monitoring and control of their micro wind turbines, enabling remote and automatic shut-down of turbines in high wind situations—disconnecting it from the battery pack to protect your battery bank from harm.

The TriSonica Mini Wind & Weather Sensor is a powerful and highly accurate sonic anemometer that has no moving parts, thus eliminating maintenance issues, enables it to be stationed on fixed or portable towers for real-time 3-dimensional air flow measurements.

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