Weather Stations

An Anemoment Use Case

This is Njord, is a portable, self-sufficient weather station that monitors the local weather of a specific area.

The information is gathered and distributed in real-time, and consists of numerous weather parameters and a live video stream. Originally designed for the Swedish Sea Rescue Society to complement their current weather application, the Njord is purposed to reduce boating incidents caused by harsh weather and lack of information.

Weather information that Njord gathers is distributed to users through a weather application. The user can then select the desired information that they want, and choose between general information from national weather station or specific local real-time weather information from Njord. Portable, flexible, robust, and reliable, the Njord was designed to be easily transported to any location.

The TriSonica Mini Wind & Weather Sensor has proven to be the perfect choice for Njord, due its light weight, small design, and useful measurements. The device can easily be placed onto Njord and does not add any further design criteria. The advantages of the TriSonica Mini has pushed the design development for Njord further, in order to fully utilize the TriSonica Mini’s unique design advantages.

The Njord was designed and built by Max Näsström. To learn more about the Njord or to contact Max directly click here.

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